BlockShear ™ Mini Stone Splitter

Mini Stone Splitter Splits Brick and Stone
up to 6"-H X 12"-W [152.5 mm x 304.8 mm ]
Manual hydraulic machine $1,250 plus shipping
Air-assist- hydraulic machine $1,450 plus shipping

Features / Specification
  1. Small portable equipment for splitting brick or stone.
  2. Splitting force of 24,000 pounds.
  3. Splits / cuts precisely and rapidly natural stone of various kinds
       (also cast stone of various kind and brick pavers).
  4. Throat opening of 6.00" high by 12" wide [152.5 mm x 304.8 mm ].
  5. Has a very tough 0.75'' x 3'' x 12'' ground and
        Case harden tool steel blades.
  6. Modular design reduces maintenance time and cost.
  7. Weighs 90 pounds [ 41 kilograms].



LACKNER TOOLS™, including the BLOCKSHEAR™ line of stone working tools and block working tools, created by Raymond Lackner, a multi-talented industrial executive and consultant, and before that an experienced CPA. Amongst his various designs are steel laminate/fabricated component parts that replace cast steel parts for boom cranes and forklifts and a line of patent-protected, very cost-effective industrial refuse compactors for the solid waste industry – the latter are sold internationally. Mr. Lackner licensed those inventions to companies in different countries, who manufacture them on a royalty basis.

When he began to create / invent, design and detail-engineer the present BLOCKSHEAR ™ hydraulic construction tools, Mr. Lackner decided to go into manufacturing for himself. He now co-owns and operates the company that makes them. You are now visiting its website. This This company, our Stone Working Division of BLOCK SHEAR, LLC. also sells its products internationally.

Our Small Equipment Division focuses on manufacturing hydraulic tools and equipment for splitting cast stone (masonry), natural stone and slab construction materials. See above the detailed list of applicable construction materials.

BLOCK SHEAR™ portable machines -- hydraulic masonry equipment and hydraulic stone splitting equipment (hydraulic splitters) – quickly became the favorite of stone masons and landscapers worldwide.

Our hydraulic stone / block splitter tools are activated either manually or as air-assisted activated. In either variant, it's the hydraulics that turn our splitters into power tools, as compared with still commonly used labor- intensive (manual) block and stone cutting and splitting methods.

Our hydraulic splitters are portable but robust, as are all tools and equipment designed by Mr. Lackner. LACKNER TOOLS™ represent good value because they are very practical. The payback period on BLOCKSHEAR™ portable machines is typically only several weeks.

In other words, the increase in efficiency and labor savings that this equipment delivers usually pays for its price on your first project.

Because of their additional efficiency, Mr. Lackner recommends our air-assisted hydraulic models for anyone who will use them for just one medium size project or for repeated small projects.

You can reach Ray Lackner personally at BLOCK SHEAR, LLC.

While BLOCKSHEAR™ stone working and block working tools look similar to certain other machines of the masonry trade, the similarity is deceiving. Our machines comprise innovative efficiency features. Patent pending. Selecting the Optimal BLOC SHEAR™ Equipment Broadly, BLOCKSHEAR ™ hydraulic power splitting equipment is used to:
* Split / cut masonry and pavers, or pre-cast construction materials.
* Split / cut natural stone and slabs. Models designed for this application will also split / cut pre-cast construction materials.

Operation & Benefits of our Stone Working Tools and Block Working Tools

BLOCK SHEAR ™ hydraulic power-splitters come in two configurations, either as Manually-Activated or as Air-Assist-Activated. The later models can also be activated manually.

All BLOCK SHEAR ™ power-splitters are portable to the job-site. They are equipped with handcart type wheels.

BLOCKSHEAR ™ products are 100% comparable to products including Hydrasplit ™ (aka Hydrosplit), The Kracker, and other similar products. Our block and stone splitters are uniquely patented and are always backed by our personal warranty program. Call a representative for more information.

Manually-Activated Hydraulic Tools  Manually-Activated BLOCK SHEAR™ tools are self-contained and provide the highest productivity for splitting natural stone and masonry products in the industry. At the core of this advantage lies the BLOCKSHEAR™ designed pumping mechanism.

When the operator places a new stone, block or slab on the the worktable, the first time he presses the (single) foot-lever, the worktable and the lower cutting blade move up by about 2" [50 mm] – in one move it fits the upper blade snuggly on the blocks, stones or slabs being cut. Subsequent pumping of the same lever drives the hydraulic actuator that quickly splits the construction material, moving in 1/8" [12.5 mm] increments.

BLOCKSHEAR'S™ STONE / BLOCK WORKING TOOLS are engineered to reduce the pumping of the foot lever because the first 2'' [50 mm] adjustment is only available with our unique mechanism.
A BLOCK SHEAR™ Manually-Activated tool is recommended for jobs that involve the splitting of a small quantity of stones, masonry blocks, slabs or pavers at a time. For larger jobs we recommend the BLOCKSHEAR™ Air-Assist-Activated tool.

Air-Assist-Activated Hydraulic Tools The Air-Assist-Activated BLOCKSHEAR™ STONE AND BLOCK WORKING TOOLS adjusts the position of the worktable and splitting / cutting blades and makes the cut even faster.

The operator simply squeezes the air trigger - the adjustment of the table and blades, and the cut follow. Our Air-Assist-Activated machine requires only a small outside compressor. A portable one is perfectly adequate. Furthermore, compressors are usually available on job sites.

As a back-up feature, Air-Assist-Activated BLOCKSHEAR™ STONE OR BLOCK WORKING tools include the single foot-lever of our Manually-Activated tools. This enables these machines to operate even when there is no compressor around.

Our Air-Assist-Activated BLOCKSHEAR™ tools are recommended for jobs that require the splitting / cutting of a larger volume of natural stones, masonry blocks, slabs or pavers.


BLOCKSHEAR™ Masonry Tools (Manually-Activated and Air-Assist-Activated)

· Produce 24,000 pounds [ kilograms ] of splitting force, to provide precise split-face cuts, straight cut or angle cut, on masonry blocks, brick pavers and cast-stone.
· Their throat opens up to 6" high by 12" wide [ mm x mm ] to accommodate most pre-cast blocks, pavers or slabs.

BLOCKSHEAR™ Stone Tools (Manually-Activated and Air-Assist-Activated)

· Produce even higher splitting force, namely 24,000 pounds [ kilograms ], to provide precise split-face cuts, straight cut or angle cut, on natural stone or slabs (also on masonry blocks, brick pavers and cast-stone).
· In Manually-Activated Stone Tools, the throat opens up to 6" high by 12" wide [ mm x mm ] to accommodate most of natural stones and slabs (not to mention pre-cast ones).
· In Air-Assist-Activated Stone Tools, the throat opens, up to 6" high by 12" wide [ mm x mm ].